Quizzing powered by AI

Join SKILTER-and participate in games along with your friends, colleagues and the large community

Also win rewards by participating in sponsored SKILTERs


Mobile presence

Engage with your target audience on the SKILTER Android or iOS mobile app

Customized SKILTERs

Create your own quizzes and
game schedules from
the web portal

Rewards enabled

Reward leaders on the SKILTER leader board through a variety of reward channels

Skilter Applications

SKILTER can be applied in a variety of applications.

Imagination is the only limit

Engage with their target audience to increase awareness of their products.

Teachers and trainers use quizzes to make learning a more interactive engagement with their students.

Engages with their internal employees in an organization through Gamification

Engage with their target audience to increase awareness of their products.

to engage with their dealer network on their products.

Our Solutions

SKILTER for Business

Experience the fun and excitement of playing SKILTER ! download our flagship SKILTER App.

If you are already a SKILTER user, then it is extremely simple for you to appreciate the value ‘SKILTER Business’ brings to the enterprise. Get the same SKILTER gaming experience right within the context of your business..

Gamification of educational business content is as easy as signing-up right here on this portal and getting started with creating SKILTERs which are privately administered to your internal employees and workforce!.

Use gamification to make it a lot more fun to make business related content made available to all of your employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form

How can an organization begin using SKILTER?

'Sign Up' on the portal receive an Invitation Email with a password for logging to the portal

Is SKILTER App free for end users?

Yes, SKILTER App is free for end users. SKILTER is available both for Android and iOS users

How to create and schedule a game?

Administrator configures and schedules SKILTERs from the web portal – www.skilterco.com
Games fire automatically at scheduled times, such as – Every day of the week at 4 PM, Every Wednesday 5 PM or Every 15th of a month however as configured by the admin

How to get questions to create a game?

SKILTER runs off the built-in high quality, humanly built question repository 50,000+ Questions, across a variety of categories, such as – General, Sports, Movies, Technology etc. (Time-neutral questions)
Enterprise specific custom questions can also be created
Leverage AI to run real time quizzes within your groups

How many questions can a SKILTER game have?

You can have upto 10 questions in a game. By default its set to 7 questions

How do users play a scheduled game?

Invite your team members with their email address (bulk upload).
Users need to download and install the SKILTER Mobile App from the play store/app store and verify their email address to participate in the scheduled games.